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Although we were already present in Mercamadrid, it was in 2015 when we inaugurated our module for the sale of meat products, with an area of ​​one thousand square meters. In these modern facilities, Frigoríficos Bandeira has a meat cutting,…

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Word Steak Challenge 2018

Word Steak Challenge 2018 Last 4th of July the Word Steak Challenge 2018 was held in the building the Magic Roundabout in London (UK). The World Steak Challenge, organized by William Reed is designed to recognize and reward the best…

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The value of beef

Galician beef is fashionable More and more people who consume beef and it is that you could say that Galician beef, is becoming fashionable. Is certainly not a fad, since more and more people are attracted by its flavor and…

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La clasificación de canales de vacuno pesado

Hoy queremos hablar, muy por encima debido a que es un asunto muy extenso y seguro que volveremos a tratarlo en este blog, del tema de la clasificación de canales de vacuno y de su regulación. En España estamos obligados…

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