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The quality our greatest commitment

Quality is our main objective, for which Frigoríficos Bandeira, S. L selects the best specimens, taking care of the entire process of slaughtering and meat cutting. Everything is subjected to rigorous quality controls, both internally and externally to obtain an optimum product to offer to our customers.

Our firm complies with all parameters and legal requirements, both in terms of health and quality, achieving the highest levels to distribute wholesale beef to European and third world countries within a very competitive time.

IXP quality Galician beef stamp, our commitment to Galicia.

We defend our high quality as a brand image, this being our main added value, a sign of distinction that has enabled us to achieve recognition and market confidence.

Frigoríficos Bandeira, s.l. is a member of the “Consello Indication Xeográfica Protexida Vaca and Boi de Galicia”(a Galician regulatory board for the protection of cattle) which value the quality of meat from cows whose birth, raising, fattening and slaughter was carried out in Galicia.

This certification states that the fresh meat so labeled comes from cows only from the Galician autonomous region that meet a range of stringent rules regarding its shape, structure and fatness.

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