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A little of our history

During all these years we have managed to grow, expand and modernise installations and improve production processes and conservation of our products.

Currently, and as a result of continuous investments made in cutting-edge technology, continuous training of our professional team, rigorous quality control and the most careful selection of livestock, we are positioned as one of the leading companies in the meat sector.

Frigoríficos Bandeira s.l., mainly uses cattle which are born and raised in Galicia, from a broad range of suppliers working in the sector (farmers, traders …), for the purchase of cows at fairs and auctions held in the Galician AACC.

Our facilities and resources

We import, export and sell all kinds of meat products and we also transport and distribute nationally and internationally. To do that we employ the most prestigious transport companies, which put at our disposal a fleet of trucks so we can guarantee delivery of our products from its origin to its destination in the best storage conditions without altering its quality, health and traceability.

We have more than one hectare of land, on which are located our facilities perfectly adapted to the European Union regulations for the slaughter, cutting and preserving of meat. The modern installations have a storage capacity of two million kilos.

Animal welfare

Another essential aspect to our work  lies in paying special attention to animal welfare. It is scientifically proven and tested that the time and resources invested in animal welfare, result in a better meat quality. This is why, we have established a rigorous protocol for the handling and stabling of animals, and we  adopt all necessary measures to ensure that the animals do not suffer pain and unnecessary suffering or injury.

In the same way, we comply in a very strict manner with all agreements and recommendations dictated by the European Union on this issue.

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