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High Expression Galician Meat

We show you our new corporate video which we have titled as our motto says, "Galician meat of high expression". In Frigoríficos Bandeira we are dedicated to the slaughter and cutting of the largest beef since 1984, the year in…

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The Galician autochthonous races: the Vianesa

They are very vigorous animals, with a great adaptation to the environment. Its name derives from Viana do Bolo, capital of its region of origin, O Bolo. The orographic conditions of this mountainous area of ​​the province of Ourense made…

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Galician autochthonous breeds: La Caldelá

In Castro Caldelas (Ourense) Caldella has its origin. The population of caldelá was quickly reduced to small groups in the Sierra de San Memade, with specimens scattered by different farms that had to compete with other more select breeds, so…

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The pieces of beef

In order to obtain maximum use of meat from vaccination, it is advisable to know the origin of the animal and the animal to carry out the recipe.
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Ripening of old beef

Let's start by trying to define the concept of "maturation" in Beef: "resting process to which it is subjected to the meat for its progressive ageing, in environments of temperature and humidity controlled for a period of time". Since always…

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