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High Expression Galician Meat

We show you our new corporate video which we have titled as our motto says, "Galician meat of high expression". In Frigoríficos Bandeira we are dedicated to the slaughter and cutting of the largest beef since 1984, the year in…

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The Galician autochthonous races: the Vianesa

They are very vigorous animals, with a great adaptation to the environment. Its name derives from Viana do Bolo, capital of its region of origin, O Bolo. The orographic conditions of this mountainous area of ​​the province of Ourense made…

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Galician autochthonous breeds: La Caldelá

In Castro Caldelas (Ourense) Caldella has its origin. The population of caldelá was quickly reduced to small groups in the Sierra de San Memade, with specimens scattered by different farms that had to compete with other more select breeds, so…

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Spanish beef triumphs in the foreign market

Regarding the export data of beef to the European Union, Frigorífcos Bandeira exported 30% during the last year 2018, with Holland being the main country. Spain exports 21.4% of the beef it produces. The main buyers of Spanish beef are…

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Galician autochthonous breeds: the cachena cow

The cachena cow is a bovine race, typical of Portugal and Spain. This race, in the antiquity, was of triple advantage: work, meat and milk, with predominance of first for the agricultural works (oxen). Today it is used as a…

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New ways of leading, the laws of the digital age

In a 1998 report designed to train officers for the twenty-first century, the War Ministry of the United States presaged a "volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous" world: VUCA, for short. VUCA perfectly describes what is happening in the world of…

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False myths about beef

Some time ago we have been observing a series of myths about the beef that from this Blog of Frigoríficos Bandeira we think it is necessary to clarify.
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The proteins of beef

Meat is one of the best and healthiest sources of protein that exist. If ideal nutritional conditions are present, the beef protein (not that of other animals) can reach said 94% which, until now, was thought to be exclusive to the egg.
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Although we were already present in Mercamadrid, it was in 2015 when we inaugurated our module for the sale of meat products, with an area of ​​one thousand square meters. In these modern facilities, Frigoríficos Bandeira has a meat cutting,…

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