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Ripening of old beef

  • 8 October, 2018

Let's start by trying to define the concept of "maturation" in Beef: "resting process to which it is subjected to the meat for its progressive ageing, in environments of temperature and humidity controlled for a period of time". Since always…

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Word Steak Challenge 2018

  • 18 July, 2018

Word Steak Challenge 2018 Last 4th of July the Word Steak Challenge 2018 was held in the building the Magic Roundabout in London (UK). The World Steak Challenge, organized by William Reed is designed to recognize and reward the best…

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The value of beef

  • 4 July, 2018

Galician beef is fashionable More and more people who consume beef and it is that you could say that Galician beef, is becoming fashionable. Is certainly not a fad, since more and more people are attracted by its flavor and…

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