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High Expression Galician Meat

We show you our new corporate video which we have titled as our motto says, “Galician meat of high expression”. In Frigoríficos Bandeira we are dedicated to the slaughter and cutting of the largest beef since 1984, the year in which José and Avelino Cochón founded the company. Both in the national and international market our pieces and cuts of extraordinary flavor has made us a reference in the sector. Day by day we strive to make our cattle the most careful and excellent. Our cows and oxen come mainly from Galicia, although some come from nearby areas such as Asturias or northern Portugal, geographical area of ​​the peninsula whose soil is part of the same mineral composition. The high qualification of our entire workforce has placed this company in the place he deserves. All our efforts are aimed at offering the consumer the best beef with the best care and the best taste; a meat of extraordinary quality that we will always elevate to its highest expression. Here we leave the video “Galician meat of high expression”: click here to see

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