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The great challenges of the meat sector: the opening to international markets

At the end of last April we talked about some of the challenges facing the meat sector in Spain. It was the Congress AECOC (Association of Companies of great consumption of meat and elaborated products) held in Lleida, where professionals from the sector from all over the country gave us an appointment to discuss the challenges of the meat sector.

Among the conclusions of this event we can highlight the importance of honesty and transparency as essential values that companies in the sector must have to reach the consumer.

Now, at the end of September has been held the II Iberian Beef Forum, organized by Zoetis and Nanta, in Zaragoza, which have been present professionals who have to do with this world of meat as bait beef producers , veterinarians, technicians.. Etc.

In this forum, the star theme, without any kind of doubt, was the opening to international markets as the great challenge of the sector, specifically, to the Asian countries.

Spain is currently the sixth largest exporter in the European Union with more than 170,000 tonnes of fresh, refrigerated and frozen meat, which means a value of 900 million euros per year.

Also, to emphasize that, there is a significant growth, especially in extra-Community countries such as Algeria or Morocco as a result of the European production model (MEP) that applies Spanish cattle, and which implies the highest standards of Quality and food safety.

However, it has been found that the international presence has to be further strengthened and reach more markets such as Asians, with strategic points Hong Kong, China and South Korea.

Add added value to the meat sector

In addition, the Forum also highlighted the need to add added value to the consumer and to take care of the image of this sector. In this sense, the manager of the Inter-professional organization of beef and veal (probovine), Javier Lopez, said that “Today is not enough to offer only a quality product”, being necessary the “creation of value”.

Other topics

During the development of the Forum, also addressed topics such as health, wellness, nutrition, export, marketing and brand image, coincident with the six fundamental pillars to be taken into account to ensure the excellent results of our country As far as beef production is concerned, representing this sector 5.8% of the final agricultural production and 17% of the final livestock production.

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