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The Conselleira de Medio Rural visits the facilities of Frigoríficos Bandeira

Ánxeles Vázquez, Conselleira de Medio Rural and the president of Veal Gallega Jesus Gonzalez, visited our facilities as a benchmark in major beef channels that will be marketed under the Vaca e Boi de Galicia seal.

This seal is a new protected geographical indication elaborated by the Xunta de Galicia and the Regulating Council of the Protected Galician Veal Indication whose purpose will be to distinguish the major cattle coming from the main races of Galicia to improve the transparency and the guarantees of quality and origin . This distinction can be applied to dairy farms as well as beef cattle of the breeds Rubia Gallega, Morena del Noroeste, Asturiana de los Valles, Limousin, Rubia de Aquitania and Frisona.

Frigoríficos Bandeira, with more than 48,000 cattle sacrificed per year, becomes a decisive enclave for this seal. According to the statements of the Conselleira de Medio Rural during their visit to our facilities, the national procurement is scheduled for the middle of this year.

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